Jonathan Hilder has been photographing people, places and everything else in between for over twenty years. Deeply passionate about his work, Jonathan loves what he does and feels privileged to bear witness to and capture these magical moments ready for you to cherish them for a lifetime.
His photography combines technical proficiency with his patient and fun loving manner enabling all of his subjects to engage with the camera, building their confidence whilst encouraging everyone to be themselves. Being yourself is truly when the best photographs are taken and this is how we want you to remember your wedding day.
Your wedding day will be unique and means that the days photography is tailor made to meet your requirements. Our mixture of reportage and creatively posed shots is designed to capture every aspect of your special day as it unfolds. Our unobtrusive, professional approach inspires images that reflect both the spirit and the atmosphere of the occasion, real moments that will stay with you for a lifetime.
These moments only happen once; Piers Photography is the perfect way to help you capture them making them last forever.
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